We strive to give children within the autism spectrum a chance to learn a variety of skills:

  1. Cognition or problem solving ability.
  2. Receptive Communication (what we understand) and Expressive Communication (what we express with words and/or symbols).
  3. Self-Help or Adaptive living skills–the act of helping oneself. These skills empower the child to gain confidence and acceptance in the world we live in.
  4. Gross Motor Skills (large muscle development) and Fine Motor Skills (small muscle development).
  5. Social/Emotional development,–preparing the person to be able to effectively work with others and handle situations as they occur.
  6. Behavior management– a product of our ABA behavior intervention services.  Our center is dedicated to preparing the child/adolescent/young adult to become the most successful person that they can be.

Meet Aspire Autism, LLC (Colorado)

The staff at Aspire Autism, LLC Colorado are leaders in the field of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We utilize the technology of Applied Behavior Analysis to provide top-quality behavioral therapy and supports. Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence based practice that utilizes principles of behaviorism to foster skill acquisition and decrease challenging behaviors.  Here at Aspire Autism we have a passion for teaching and learning, and a commitment to creating a supportive learning environment. We recognize that each child and family is unique and strive to tailor the needs accordingly. Each of our clients have individualized treatment plans that include behavioral goals for communication, social skills and other areas that are important for childhood development. Each treatment plan also includes a behavior intervention plan tailored to the individual clients, their behaviors, and how to target them. We adapt our teaching methods to the individual learning styles of our students.  The center makes it possible to explore the world around us in a safe and encouraging environment. We utilize a variety of teaching methods, including Discrete Trial Training and Incidental/Naturalistic Teaching.

Aspire Autism, LLC prepares our clients to be able to manage and work within the world. Our staff makes this possible by fostering a love of learning in our kids. It starts with a well-balanced curriculum and easy access to positive reinforcement. We make sure that our staff is equipped with the knowledge of each child and that the families within the Aspire community are able to voice their own opinions. Our staff makes learning fun!

We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Center

Aspire Autism, Developmental Center and Center for Autism, was established to create a safe, fun, and positive environment in which children with ASD can learn using behavioral analytic principles. The belief of Aspire Autism Center is to provide children with instruction and behavioral therapy that are tailor-made for each individual child and his or her family’s schedule.
Our center’s mission statement:

  • To improve our children’s social skills while allowing space for independent development
  • To promote a safe place for children to learn and grow as people
  • To enable our children to become independent and develop job skills
  • To support the teenager in their transition to adulthood
  • To teach the young adult skills such as money management, home skills, job skills, and transportation


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We accept most major insurance plans. We continue to work with insurance companies as they begin to cover ABA services.

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Focused ABA Therapy

Focused ABA services are available for individuals who need treatment only for a limited number of key functional skills, or have such an acute problem behavior that its treatment should be the priority. Focused ABA usually ranges between 10-25 hours/week of direct treatment.

Examples of key functional skills include: establishing instruction-following, social communication skills, compliance with medical and dental procedures, sleep hygiene, self-care skills, safety skills, and independent leisure skills (for example, appropriate participation in family and community activities).

Social Skills Classes

Working one-on-one with a licensed behavioral analyst, each child is evaluated for entry-level skills. Following the evaluation, we use best practices and evidence-based interventions for learners who exhibit social skills problems and other challenging behaviors. More specifically, we “match” our interventions to the strengths of a learner and the most critical behavior excesses or skill deficits exhibited by a learner. We believe that achievement in the domain of social interaction greatly improves the quality of life for a learner and we place a premium on screening, assessment, and individually tailored interventions.

School Shadow Programs

Behavior Technicians are available to support students in the classroom. A student's on-site shadow can help to meet goals and reduce the behaviors that interfere with accessing curriculum.

We work with schools on a transition timeline based on the individual needs of the students. The behavior therapist collects data in the classroom to help with reporting and determine if goals are being met (reduction of challenging behaviors, etc.).

Parent Training

Providing effective treatment to families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders requires the establishment of a partnership between treatment staff and parents. This partnership involves many elements, including effective communication, mutual respect, clear boundaries, and clearly defined roles. Although every treatment team member plays a role on the team, parents play the key role. They are the most important members of their child’s treatment team. While treatment staff will come and go, parents will remain the central axis of any treatment team.

“ABA was the best choice for our family and allowed our children to maintain their personalities while working through the anxiety and sensitivities often found in autism spectrum disorders.*”

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*This testimonial was solicited from a past Autism Learning Partners client.